Production based on the famous adventure novel by Jack London - White Fang - a story of a wolf-dog.

Written by: Jack London
Adapted by:  Tomáš Jarkovský, Jakub Vašíček
Directed by: Jakub Vašíček
Stage Design: Antonín Šilar, Tereza Venclová
Music: Daniel Čámský
Dramaturgy: Tomáš Jarkovský


Premiere: 3. 3. 2018

For spectators older than 9 years

Duration of performance: 60 minutes

Far North in a hostile place during rough times of Gold Rush, White Fang, a cross-breed of dog and wolf puppy, is growing. Equipped by wildness and effervescence, White Fang cannot easily fit to a pack of wolves not even among people; he is neither accepted nor accepts easily. During his growing up he encounters violence and hatred as well as kindness and even love. What will eventually be imprinted in his soul?

Quotes from reviews:

 “They move across the stage as Indians, gold diggers, a pack of wolves, a dog sled team. And, from the big picture to the big details they shoot animal and human lairs, cages, fierce dogfights and hunts, escapes, maws, muzzles, lightning in their eyes, the landscape around the river in a sea of snow… The effect is perfect. The camera’s magic aspires to the realm of poetry.” 

P.J. Kříž,  White Fang immortalised through new techniques, 6.3.2018  Právo p. 11, Northeast Bohemia) 

“Because director Jakub Vašíček works with that most of all, with images, with atmosphere – and he works with it wonderfully, sensitively and carefully. Above all, the intensity and authenticity of the situations make the production of White Fang a powerful experience for audiences young and old.”

Nikola Škvarová, Child: White Fang, 19.4.2018 Divědové na blogu

“An abbreviated version of the world-famous novel. The production abounds with amusing moments, such as loot splitting among pack members, dog fights in wooden rink, etc. Yet, the production also features “chilling” scenes, so typical of the book. The production combines theatre and created live film, which is also projected live. This concept suitably fits the nature of performance and enables the spectator to understand the story from the perspective of the main animal character. Entertaining, yet respecting the value of the original book, the production is suitable also for younger audiences. All male cast present a captivating show with their playing and performing. The strong story is rendered originally, enabling the audiences to experience being in the wolf-skin.”

Antonie Holubová, 5. 4. 2018,

„White Fang is an adorable performance. I think it contains the most clever use of camera on stage I have ever seen. Not only that. The whole concept is precise, well thought over, actors are great. The protagonist of main character is unbelievable.“

Mojca Redjko, Slovene National Theatre Maribor

Awards and Acknowledgements

ERIK Award for the “Best Puppet Performance of the Season”

Theatre Newpaper’s Award in category „The Best Direction of The Season“ in the field of Alternative and Puppet theatre for director Jakub Vašíček

Skupa‘s Pilsner Awards for Tomáš Jarkovský, Jakub Vašíček and Antonín Šilar for the concept of the performance

Thalie Award for the main protagonist Milan Hajn in the field of Alternative and Puppet Theatre


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