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  Drak Theatre’s Labyrinth is an interactive gallery connecting art and education and offers a program primarily for families with children.

Drak Theatre’s Labyrint also offers an extensive range of creative educational programmes and workshops organised under the auspices of the International Institute of Figurative Theatre, facilities for children’s theatre ensembles, space for residences and international projects, etc. There is a freely accessible outdoor exhibit of game elements around the theatre. In the summer months, there are also two adventure games that take place in Labyrinth and its immediate surroundings: The Secrets of Theatre Holidays for children from 3 to 6 years of age and Behind the Drak Tale for children from 7 to 10 years of age. The reconstruction of the historically valuable building of the Theresian barracks, which represented an investment of more than forty million crowns, was made possible by the city of Hradec Králové, which is also the founder of the Drak Theatre. Period of reconstruction: 2008 – 2010. The reconstruction was performed by STAKO s.r.o., while the interior designer is Ing. arch. Jan Zákostelecký. Drak Theatre’s Labyrint is a member of the international network Hands on! International Association of Children in Museum and Czech Association of Museums and Galleries.