“Where are all the wishes? Gone with the water.”

Director: Kamil Bělohlávek

Set design: Kamil Bělohlávek

Costumes: Tereza Vašíčková

Music: Marek Bělohlávek

Dramaturgy: Tomáš Jarkovský

Premiere: 16. 3. 2019

The original production based on the classical fairy tale about a sh who in exchange for free- dom grants wishes and follies to those ignorant of what they want to wish. A rivulet rises from the ground in the mountains. As it hurtles down the hills, it con uences with other rills to create a stronger and greater stream, eventually growing into a mighty river. Even the river does not stop and it ultimately hurtles further to reach the sea, so large one cannot see its other end. Every day early in the morning, the see witnesses a sherman in his bark setting off in hope for good catch. Yet, the sea is unfathomable: at once it appears as friendly as an old friend only to immediately storm and punish those not taking it seriously. Water can both give and take. And the sea means a lot water…