A concert of sound and motion for four actresses

Concept: Karel Kratochvíl and Jakub Vašíček
Director: Jakub Vašíček
Libretto: Karel Kratochvíl
Music: Daniel Čámský
Stage Design: Tereza Vašíčková
Dramaturgy: Tomáš Jarkovský, Barbora Kamenická Pokorná

Premiere: 6. 11. 2021

Which sound goes with which to make candy for the ears? Who to tell what and when? How great is the reward for those who listen carefully? Which of the keys opens the mysterious cube? And what (or who) is inside it?

Play it is a production that is meant for the smallest children who are hot on the trail of the great mystery known as music. What exactly is music? And how is it made? Why do we perceive some sounds as just noise or interference, while at other times they start to become music? Join us on an adventurous journey from the first breath to the first concert. A journey where there is nothing more than confusion at the beginning, while a shared composition, live concert, a theatrical depiction of music awaits at the end. Press: “The most imaginative and conceptually accurate, witty and, in its artistic ideas, uncommonly entertaining production of Expedition: My Love from guest director Filip Homola and stage designer Robert Smolík is complemented by the ubiquitous atmospheric music of Kora et le Mechanix and is characterised by very balanced performances by the actors.”  Veronika Bednářová, reflex.cz, 16 March 2022

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