A fairy tale about an encounter, an encounter beyond a fairy tale.

Cast: Marina Byt and Petr Vrběcký

Script: Tomáš Jarkovský, Barbora Pokorná and coll.

Stage Design: Tereza Vašíčková

Direction supervision: Jakub Vašíček

Dramaturgy: Tomáš Jarkovský, Barbora Pokorná

Producer: Barbora Kalinová

Executive Producer: Oleksandra Titarova

Made in the Drak Theatre Workshops: Tereza Vašíčková, Radek Beran, Michaela Kudelková, Hana Kopová, Štěpán Uherka

Premiere: 26. 6. 2022

Length 35 minutes.

Spoken in Czech and in Ukrainian.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wore a red bonnet on her head, and so everybody called her Little Red Riding Hood. One fine day she packed a basket full to bursting. Clothing, something to eat, a few trifles as keepsakes and her own story. Then she headed out on a trip to a completely foreign forest.

A Czech/Ukrainian production of the classic fairy tale than is well known by children and adults in both countries. There are two actors. Marina lives in Kyiv, Petr in Divec. Now they have come together in Hradec (which is not even close to being halfway) in order to tell the same story together. But Marina speaks Ukrainian and Petr Czech. And each knows that story a bit differently. It seems that if there is going to be a happy ending, they will have to learn how to make themselves understood.

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