An adventurous ride on waves of blues with a mixture of punk.

Story: Mark Twain

Script: Tomáš Jarkovský and Jakub Vašíček

Director: Jakub Vašíček 

Sets and costumes: Kamil Bělohlávek

Music:Daniel Čámský

Dramaturgy: Tomáš Jarkovský, Barbora Pokorná

Producer: Barbora Kalinová

Executive Producer: Martina Štětinová

Premiere: 25. 2. 2023

Length of performance: 50 min

Huckleberry Finn is a young boy who stands out of the crowds. It could be said that he has a problem adapting to his surroundings, but that wouldn’t quite be true. That’s because he doesn’t even try to. He takes his own path. Sometimes he strays from it, sometimes he gets burnt, but he rarely regrets anything. One day, through a combination of various circumstances, he joins his fate with that of a fugitive slave Jim, and this unlikely duo embarks on trip on a raft together down the Mississippi. A ride that is one great depiction of the flight to freedom. But, as it turns out, becoming free does not just mean getting rid of injustice and oppression, but perhaps also of your own prejudices.

An original production based on the motifs of the famous novel by Mark Twain, which is considered one of the founding titles of the tradition of the great American novel. The production is thematically linked to two previous titles from the same production team, White Fang and The Journey, and it forms a complete trilogy of adventure stories about freedom inspired by great works of American literature.

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