From 16 to 21 September 2023, Drak Theatre will present seven performances at the Norwegian children’s and youth theatre Kloden Teater.

In Oslo, Drak will present two productions from its repertoire representing its contemporary work for different age groups. Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová’s Bedtime! for the youngest audiences from the age of 3 will be staged two times, and Drak Theatre and Prague City Theatre’s co-production project for teenagers Antigona will be staged five times. The programme for teenagers also includes two workshops led by the Drak Theatre’s lector. The tour is supported by the National Recovery Plan, the Status of the Artist – Mobility II.

“Such a large-scale trip to Norway is a great opportunity for us to present and further develop our projects for teenagers, for whom Kloden Teater and its artistic director Kjell Moberg are valuable partners, as well as to establish contacts with Norwegian promoters and representatives of the national programme The Cultural Schoolbag.” said Tomáš Jarkovský, director of the Drak Theatre.

Kloden Teater is quite unique in the context of Norwegian theatre for children and youth. The idea of creating this national theatre for children and young people in Oslo was born around 2000 from an initiative of The Norwegian Network for Performing Arts.Kloden Teater was founded in 2015 and has been operating at its current location on Kabelgata Street since 2019.
After several years of pilot operation in the current premises, a new theatre building of over 3500 m2 has been designed, which includes two permanent stages, rehearsal rooms, workshops and a café.Construction will start at the end of 2023.
Kloden Teater concentrates Norwegian work for young audiences and brings inspiring projects from abroad. It regularly hosts festivals such as Showbox, The National Hedda Festival and GoFigure Festival for Figurative Theatre.Kloden also has a strong focus on working with minorities and aims to open its spaces to different social groups. An important part of its activities is its teen programming and work with teenagers.

The tour also aims to present Drak Theatre’s work for for the Norwegian national programme The Cultural Schoolbag, which ensures that all school-age children in Norway come into contact with culture and professional art. The project is part of the government’s cultural policy for pupils and students from primary to secondary school.




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