A co-production of Drak Theatre and Bratislava’s Puppet Theatre on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

Script: Peter Galdík and Tomáš Jarkovský

Director: Šimon Spišák and Jakub Vašíček

Stage design: Karel Czech

Costumes: Tereza Vašíčková

Music: Daniel Čámský

Dramaturgy: Peter Galdík and Tomáš Jarkovský

Production: Barbora Kalinová

Executive Production: Martina Štětinová

Premiere: 13. 5. 2023

Slovak première: 13.1.2023 in Bratislava’s Puppet Theatre

Czech première: 13.5.2023 on Drak Theatre’s main stage

Duration of performance: 70 minutes

Did you know that Czechoslovak puppetry is on the UNESCO World Heritage List? It’s true! Thus, Czech and Slovak puppeteers, as well as their loyal audiences, have earned worldwide recognition, which culminated the long-standing efforts of generations of our predecessors. Contemporary Czech and Slovak puppeteers have now gathered to join all their forces, all their skills and the best of their traditions to celebrate this important success together. And how else to celebrate the Czechoslovak puppet tradition than with the première of a brand new, yet completely traditional and mainly perfectly Czechoslovak puppet play, or piece? Thus, we searched the theatre storerooms, archives and museums on both sides of the Morava River, organised public collections and now we present the result of all this effort to you. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the registered association of Czech and Slovak puppeteers presents a traditional Czechoslovak puppet play: Kašpárek and Zbojník!

The 30th anniversary of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia offers a unique opportunity to theatrically reflect on an extraordinary phenomenon, which is the unique closeness of two nations, which joined their historical development for 75 years and which is probably unprecedented in the world. But how do we perceive it today? And how is it perceived in both countries by children, for whom coexistence in a joined country is now only a chapter in the history books? We want to examine these questions through a Czech/Slovak production that, on the layout of an original story, looks at the various forms of the current relationship between Czechs and Slovaks. Its political framework has disappeared, the joint television programs are also gone, so what remains to link them? Just a few YouTubers that are popular here and there? It seems that there is actually more…

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