A ready-made fairy tale based on a story by Božena Němcová

Script: Barbora Kamenická Pokorná, Jakub Vašíček
Director: Jakub Vašíček
Stage design: Karel Czech
Music: Daniel Čámský
Dramaturgy: Barbora Kamenická Pokorná, Tomáš Jarkovský

Premiere: 4. 11. 2023

  • 6+ Six years and above.

Once upon a time, a girl lived with her parents in a humble dwelling close to the castle in a small village. They gave her the name Bohdanka. During one of her many expeditions to the old attic she discovered seven boys’ shirts at the bottom of a dusty chest. And with them, the terrible truth that she decides to face head on, with her innate obstinacy. No sacrifice can be large enough to stop her. Perhaps only if love crossed her path?

The original production, based on the motifs of a classic fairy tale about looking for peace in an impetuous mind, about will power and about a restless soul, which can only find peace with a considerable amount of self-denial and with the courage to sacrifice herself for others, joins the ranks of Drak Theatre‘s productions that are built on well-known fairy tales. After the successful Sleeping Beauty, the theatre‘s director Jakub Vašíček returns to the adaptation of a well-known tale in a production meant for audiences aged six and up.

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