Režie: Jakub Krofta
Výprava: Marek Zákostelecký
Hudba: Vratislav Šrámek

Surely everyone knows that feeling. A ballon rising up into the air, we are holding on to it by a string and all of a sudden it is gone. It keeps floating up, slowly getting smaller until it completely disappears in the sky. What can you do, tears don´t help …

The heroes of our story find themselfs in a similar situation. Instead of moaning and wailing, however, they undertake an adventurous journey to the Planet of lost balloons. Several attempts to take off and fly bring the fate of „Those Wonderful Men in their Flying Machines“ to mind. The age-old dream of flying comes true. Will our aeronauts manage to reach destination: The Planet of lost balloons?

We ride the wings of fantasy to the endless distances of outer space! This original performance combines elements of clownery, puppetry and visual theatre. It plays up to childlike fantasy and inspires the smallest members of the audience to play new games.

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