An adventurous production about following your dream.

Direction: Jakub Vašíček
Dramaturgy: Tomáš Jarkovský
Set design and puppets: Kamil Bělohlávek
Costumes: Tereza Venclová
Music: Ondřej Müller

It is year 1910 and the British seafarer and polar explorer Robert Scott has left on a trip to follow his lifelong dream, reaching the South Pole. But a terse telegram from another renowned conqueror of arctic  lands, the Norwegian Roal Amundsen, awaits him at a stopover in New Zealand: „Beg leave to inform you Fram proceeding Antarctic, Amundsen.“ This is considered to bet he beginning of the race to bet he first to reach a place lying somewhere far away in an inhospitable wasteland, a place that is nothing in the middle of nowhere…

Our production tells the tale of Scott’s journey as it was recorded in his thrilling diary and i tis a tribute to one great defeat. The fate of Robert F. Scott is proof that even he who loses can still remain unvanquished.

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