Suitable for audiences aged 14-15

Length 60 minutes

English friendly

Premiere: 13. 11. 2021

Free entrance

You can book your tickets at

From 8-14.11.2021, the ninth international gathering of students of art colleges, Gaudeamus Theatrum, will be taking place in Drak Theatre. The goal of the seven-day residence is to create a unique creative and open space for an international gathering of students, pedagogues and artists, joint creative work and the mutual sharing and passing on of experience.


This year it is dedicated to the theme of works for young, adolescent audiences. It is an area of creativity that is still not entirely explored and developed in the Czech Republic, which should moreover also be naturally attractive for the students due to their proximity of age. The Workshop will see the participation of student actors of KALD DAMU Prague, HMDK Stuttgart and VŠMU Bratislava under the direction of the Norwegian theatre director, pedagogue, dramatist and one of the founding members of the theatre group NIE (New International Encounter) Kjell Moberg (1970), who has long been involved in the creation of theatre for young audiences, with very diverse genres and overlap with pedagogy and social work. Moberg and his NIE troupe have won several awards for their artistic work. Kjell Moberg is also an interesting personality for leading the workshop because he has long been well-versed in the Czech theatre milieu. He was a student of Prague’s DAMU at the end of the 90s. He is a regular guest of the Theatre of European Regions festival with his NIE troupe.


For a period of one week, nineteen students will create a theatre production for youth in the form of games and exercises. The workshop participants will be working with the theme of “The Past, Present and Future”. They will present the result of their work on Saturday 13 November at 6 p.m. in Drak Theatre’s Studio.


During their work, they will use material found on the Internet, from the stories of young audience members they will meet in Hradec Králové and from historical-biographical sources. The result is meant primarily for audiences aged 14 and 15.


Accept this invitation to the theatre, where we will experience amusing, unsettling and beautiful moments together.

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