A fairy tale about devils. A fairy tale about love. A fairy tale about encounters. A fairy tale about time gone by. A fairy tale about pleasant moments. A fairy tale about happiness. A fairy tale about a fairy tale.

Story: Jan Drda
Director: Jiří Jelínek
Design: Erika Čičmanová
Music: Zdeněk Král
Dramaturgy: Tomáš Jarkovský
Assistant director: Jana Nechvátalová

Once upon a time the Devil Matlas was sent out into the world in order to do what devils are wont to do in the world. To scare people, to collect the souls of sinners, to spread mischief wherever and whenever he can… But Matlas isn’t really a model devil. He doesn’t really want to do his work, and so he finds an abandoned hut in the forest where he hides out, away from hell and from people. But one day he is found there by Bára, who is a bit different from the others. Plus she is so young and beautiful! It’s no wonder that the enchanted Matlas forgets all about hell. But hell has not forgotten about him and wants to bring him back. Will Bára be able to save him? Or will she end up in hell with him? Or will they never see each other again? How will this all end up?

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Divadlo Drak
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