Director: Monika Kováčová
Scenography: Zuzana Vítková
Cast: Lacie Valenová and Dan Kranich

This production will be a fairy tale lullaby inspired by a book from Petra Kubáčková The Angel, Nightmare, Brave Teddy Bear, Kind Elephant and Wild Goose Book and sleepless Tony.
Opening scene: Two heroes – Pom and Loully. Peek-a-boo! Here they are. Tap tap tap …they wander in the landscape of beds and meet Baaa, Woof, Ta-da, BOOH!, Growl. The journey is long and eyelids are getting heavy. Hush! And Good night.

This performance, light as a feather, follows the European trend of theatre for very young (children aged 0 – 3 years). There are many theatres and theatre creators working with this age group across Europe, and we are the first ones to bring it to the Czech Republic.

The production provides children their first encounter with the world of theatre – it is interactive, respects the needs of small spectators, as well as exposes them to various elements of the human senses including space, sounds, voices, touch and puppets.  Ten month old babies begin remembering things based on what surrounds them in their world, and what they don´t imminently see starts to exist.

Batosneni_2BatosneniBatosneni_1VyšeHrátky 2014

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