performed by Cécile Da Costa
directed by Petr Boháč
dramaturgical collaboration by Marc Olivé
music by Jan Šikl and David Kollar
producer: Bezhlavi z.s
co-producer : Art frame Palác Akropolis
partners:: JOHAN, DW7, o.p.s., Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Cirqueon
supported by : City of Praha, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic

Many women hide secrets in their lives, many women cannot talk about them and many conceal their experiences with childbirth, abortion or miscarriage. Is it a social taboo? A French performer Cécile Da Costa dances, sings and undergoes extreme physical strain in order to tell her intimate story. The Narrator is about a desire to express the inexpressible, The Narrator is about the memory of a body which cannot completely forget, The Narrator is about finding a dance language through which we communicate our emotions.

“The experience one gains from The Narrator is physical in its nature. The intensity of the emotions the performer has to cope with is so strong that it allows no discussion.” Kulturissimo

“The energy of the perfomer seems endless.” OperaPlus


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