Based on motifs by Mark Twain

Director: Marek Bečka

Cast: Elena Volpi

When Mark Twain wrote  Advice to Little Girls in 1865 – the same year that Lewis Carroll wrote  Alice in Wonderland – and his  lecture Advice to Youth in 1882, he had no idea that in 2014 people would be wondering whether such literature is even appropriate for children.

Our answer is simple: For all those who (yet) cannot read, here is a theatre play. Can literate people come as well, you ask? The answer, once again, is simple: Rules are made to be occasionally broken, if nobody notices it of course. Adults can enjoy a children’s play and the children can laugh at jokes which they aren’t yet allowed to understand.

This group copyright work is a collage of small stories that dive into childhood memories, where innocence and mischief jump hand in hand across streams – and sometimes purposely miss the bank.


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Divadlo Drak
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