We provide you with the following information on the processing of personal data on the basis of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”):


1.Contact information

The controller of the personal data is: Divadlo Drak a MIFD o.p.s., Hradební 632, Hradec Králové 3, 500 03

The contact information for the entity responsible for the protection of the personal data for applicants and employees is:


2. Information on the processing of the personal data of individuals

We process these categories of personal data – contact information: name, address, email address and telephone.

We perform the processing for the purpose of determining contacts with individuals interested in Divadlo DRAK a MIFD o.p.s. The data will be stored with us for the duration of the interest (until there will be a request to erase the data).


3. Information on processing of personal data of job applicants

We process these categories of personal data: contact information, CV and letter of motivation.

We perform the processing for the purpose of acquiring new employees on the basis of the legal grounds of the preparation and fulfilment of a contract.

We get this data directly from you. It will be stored with us for the duration of the selection procedure. In the event of an agreement for lengthier storage, you will be informed of the storage period.

This data will not be submitted to other recipients.


5. Description of rights of data subjects

As a data subject (i.e., an individual for whom the data is processed), you have these rights to your personal data:

Right Specification
Request extract This is an extract of the data that we keep of you, i.e., the right to access.

We provide the extract in a form according to our possibilities. You do not have the right to request the extract in a format you specify.

The exception (when we may not make an extract) is for cases concerning documents whose publishing would threaten the rights and freedoms of other persons. This applies to the personal data of other persons, the protection of business secrets, intellectual property, etc.

Request correction If you discover that we are keeping incorrect, obsolete or incomplete data, ask for it to be corrected or supplemented.
Request deletion We must delete data if we have the personal data stored after the specified period or did not have valid legal grounds.

By law, we must not erase the data in cases where the processing is performed on the grounds of Contract Fulfilment or Legal Obligations.

Request restriction on processing This applies to processing on the grounds of justified interest.

The processing will be restricted if an objection is submitted and will last for the duration of the assessment of the objection.

Submit an objection against processing An objection against processing can only be submitted when the processing is performed on the grounds of justified interest.

In the case of stating your name or other contact information in the interest of performing business or manufacturing activities, the possibility of abuse is almost eliminated and it is necessary for these activities. Thus, we consider our justified interest to prevail and we do not accept objections.

Withdraw consent of processing This is possible when the processing is performed on the basis of consent. If you provided consent for the processing and you withdraw it, the processing will be terminated.
Request extract in transmittable format An extract in transmittable format can only be requested in cases of processing based on legal grounds – contract fulfilment and consent.

You can only request the extract of that data that you provided to us and that we maintain in electronic form and you do not have the right to request the format. You have the right for your data to be handed over directly to another controller, if it is technically feasible.

Submit objection against automated decisions We do not perform any processing based on automatic decisions.
Submit a complaint to the supervisory authorities If we do not respond to your request within 1 month, you can submit a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection.


6. Method of performance of rights of data subjects

If you would like to apply any of these rights, you can submit a request.

Your identity will be verified (for personal contact at the HR Department a national identity card is sufficient) and a request will be made out with you and you will be informed of the settlement date. It is not possible to accept the request without a verification of your identity.

On the settlement date, the responsible person will submit a written notification of the result of the request to you along with the related material.

The acts connected with the performance of the rights of the data subjects are made free of charge. We are entitled to charge a fee corresponding to administrative expenses for a request for more than one copy.

If, however, the requests are seen to been evidently unwarranted or excessive, especially because it is repeated, then we can: impose a reasonable fee taking into account administrative expenses; refuse to fulfil the request.

You can also submit a request electronically by sending it by email to the address:

Please include:

  1. Your name
  2. The performance of which right you are requesting – see the chapter Description of rights of data subjects.
  3. A precise description of the request, e.g., in the case of modifications to correct data
  4. Phone number: in the event of any clarification and agreement on the next steps

If any doubts arise with regard to your identity, we are entitled to ask you to provide additional information for confirming your identity, e.g., signing the request using an electronic signature.



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