We have newly created an English version of the worksheets and descriptions for our short-term exhibition in the Drak Theatre’s Labyrinth. Come and discover the world of fear and learn how to come to terms with it. This new, interactive exhibition Don’t be Afraid! will convince every visitor, young or old, that you don’t need to fear fear!

From now until 31.8.2024

Fear isn’t something we should be embarrassed by. Nor is it a tool? Fear is one of the four basic human emotions, along with happiness, sadness and anger. What if we tried to get to know fear a little better? Maybe then, we wouldn’t be afraid of it, and we could talk about it with people we love.

This exhibition was inspired by a book of the same name. It was written by Milada Rezková, Lukáš Urbánek and Jakub Kaše, and it has delighted many readers. Just like the book, this exhibition is about fears we encounter all the time – in our family, at school, in cities, in the countryside – and all of these fears, which might seem a little strange to us, are part of our lives.

The exhibition Don’t Be Afraid! was first made for the Atrium Žižkov museum in Prague and curated by Ondřej Horák. Its creators worked with the Drak Theatre workshop to create this expanded version for Labyrinth.


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