Band Grad Gori! Is a band looking for old Slovenian and other European stories that they awaken again to life. The trio is composed by singer Brina Vogelnik, a composer and singer of the Brina group, one of the most successful Slovenian bands, Matija Solce, a charismatic Slovenian accordionist and Barja Drnovšek, a great violinist and improviser, who devots mostly to classical music. Together they make original songs and music that is full of charm and passion, tenderness and strength.

Nejhodnější medvídci – POINCARÉ CONJECTURE

The story of a man who, together with Leonardo da Vinci, was the greatest universalist in history, probably because he was working only in the mornings from nine to eleven, and left the rest of his scientific work exclusively on his subconscious. The story of his a hundred years younger friend, who has solved a century-long problem, refused a million dollar prize, and never understood what others were wondering. The story of a woman who was her own great-grandmother and both of these men joined with love, although she loved topology most of all.

Nejhodnejsi medvidci - Poincareho domnenka (2)Nejhodnejsi medvidci - Poincareho domnenka (1)


Triptease invites you to lose your head in a fantastic freak show.
An obese woman and the strip tease of vital organs conducted by two headless coats will ticle your curiosity. A fierce and ridiculous game where the puppet master‘s bodies mingle with the puppets
It is the envy to discover the world of our „striptyque“ show!
To create a clandestivane cabaret in quirky places.
A word reinvented with a burlesque touch.
Taking the audience into a time capsule fed by strange poetry.
They are imersed into a familiar place which is transformed into a performance site.
To look outside the box.

Teatro Matita – DOG’S LIFE

Based on the real experiences of both authors, ´Dog’s life’ follows a dog’s perspective of a puppy Dašenka and her understanding of the human world. Double meanings of a social system, confrontations between the political world of Čapek (1930’s, Czech) and Solce (a postmodern world), bring the neccecary criticism to the gentle story of a dog, opening his first eye and making his first step. Starting with Solce’s favourite character, the Death, which is stepping in the role of mother nature, we experience sensitivity and playfullness as well as heavy political topics as holocoust and nazi propaganda connected in comical way to today’s mass media manipulation. Game of shoes, wool, objects and soundscapes, that are made on stage with help of loop station, change from situation to athmosphere, from character to melody, from performance to concert. Advisible for adults, as well as younger public from 12 years up.

Naivní divadlo Liberec – FAIRYTALE IN THE PALM

The fairy tale, which the Naive Theater presents on the occasion of the late 70th birthday of its former court-maker Iva Peřinová, is one of the best texts for children from the pen of this „first lady of Czech puppet play“.

foto Naivni divadlo Pohadka do dlane (5)foto Naivni divadlo Pohadka do dlane (1)


Five musicians pulling together are able to smoothly slide from one style to another, and Zdenka Trvalcová‘s singing gives all pieces a unique atmosphere. Swing, twist and chanson with unique flavour of hip-hop or reggae…

Teatro Matita – ATTENTION, MOOSE!

Welcome to the wilderness of cold Lapland! Here you will meet a poor moose, who is trying to escape from a hunter and his hound. Here you will have to watch your step to avoid crushing a gnome, who is collecting blackberries for his loved one. Here, where a day lasts for half a year, a long time ago there lived two friends – a hen and an old lady. A simple story about the understanding between animals and humans, and about the cruelty of life that means someone can be born a hen, and another as a hunter.


Story of a real Czech band in a staged concert.

LuteCZ is an attempt to combine political and social satire with the playfulness of traditional geisslers poetics, and also with the dream of setting up the Geisslers band.

Geisslers Hofcomoedianten - LoutnaCZ Marta Sobotková (2)

Journey to the Center of the Earth (through the Flue of Milesovka)

How tempting the world of dinosaurs and giant club mosses is for schoolchildren! And we offer them an opportunity to experience the adventures of a group of children in a production that combines theater with projection and film tricks. It pays tribute to Jules Verne and Karel Zeman (famous Czech film director, holder of many awards, e.g. Price of French Film Critics, Crystal Price of French Film Academy, Price of EXPO 1958).

Meet Factory – THIRD LIE

“One day people say it‘s a truce and that‘s the end of the war. The next day people say that there is a new war and that the war is continuing.”

Is there any instruction how to kill a man without a compunction? Where does the man take the desire to take justice into his own hands and act? Is it necessary to avoid the fascination with evil or, on the contrary, to let the evil go away, to make a monster who has the courage to resist all moral barriers?

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