The band Píchlé duše plays the songs of Jiří Bulis. Songs that were to be the property of millions. Endless waltzes that are worth singing while smelling coffee and yolk wreaths. Autumn chants and April inventory for guests on Earth.


Once upon a time, a small boy named Little Jacob lived in a small cottage in the woods. Maybe you think he missed children and people in the middle of the woods, but he did not miss him. After all, he never saw any children, and he only saw his dad from adults. And if you do not know something, then you can not miss it. But one day …

Jakobkovo splněné přání2Jakobkovo splněné přání4


A stage adaptation of a famous novel ‘Roadside Picnic’ by famous science-fiction writers – brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. The production tries to meditate on the basic philosophic questions in the context of existing reality.


Don Cristobal, an old solitary misanthrope, lives happily surrounded by his fortune. But a dream haunts his otherwise tranquil nights: who is this mysterious woman?
Don Cristobal sets of in search of her in a frantic quest. Where will the tortuous paths of love lead him?
Will he find happiness? Will he be able to overcome the inevitable traps of his destiny?
Come and discover what happens in this new episode of Don Cristobal.

Squadra Sua – Happy Hour

The guest comes to the restaurant, sits on the table, orders a meal the cooks prepare and the waiters bring.  What could be wrong? What unexpected ingredients could go into a complicated story? And who will eventually pay for everything? Theatrical performances in the way of a grotesque marinated in a clown, all well done with regular casting by three actors, who turn as needed from the waiters to the chef and back. One of them even dares to be guest in their own restaurant.

Suadra Sua - Happy Hour Miloš Šálek Cirk UFF 2 (3)Suadra Sua - Happy Hour Miloš Šálek Cirk UFF 2 (5)

Vent debout

A little girl‘s life is turned upside down when she is surprised to discover a world which is very different from her own. This world is full of many kinds of words, sounds, writings, and drawings. She only knows a world of silence, so a tsunami of scary but exciting emotions overcomes her. She tries to understand what separates her from this universe, which seems to be ignored by those around her. Nothing in her world can fight the wind. Powerful, whimsical, ever-present, it chases her and always pulls her back home.

The story of this little girl becomes a fairy tale for young and old, inspired by countries which have been silenced by censorship.


Is it possible to play The tragedie of Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, The Tempest, The life of Henry the Fifth, Richard III, As You Like It and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in one show? David Espinosa and his minions in El Local have tried it in the most arbitrary, gimmicky, artificial, and empty version of the William Shakespeare’s collected works. A delirious visual work that speculates with performance conventions, through figures and objects loaded of adventure, romance, lust, war, tragedy and power. An ironic game of light and shadows with a lot of references to movies, comics, art, and the history of theatre.

David Espinoza foto (1)David Espinoza foto (7)

Q10 – R+J

The famous story of Veronese lovers in terms of Capoeira‘s Afrobrazilian art and other cultural influences of the South American continent, such as rituals, dances and religions (maculele, samba de roda, candomble) and, of course, the influence of European culture (Portuguese conventors, Catholic Church).


Les Folles

„Les Folles“ is a poetic triptych that talks about those Argentine mothers who resisted the last Military Dictatorship that was responsible for 30,000 „ disappearances“. In a political context similar to the Inquisition, a mad and visceral collective consciousness arises, born of a call from the women‘s womb in order to find the disappeared members of families and to defend human rights.


Band Grad Gori! Is a band looking for old Slovenian and other European stories that they awaken again to life. The trio is composed by singer Brina Vogelnik, a composer and singer of the Brina group, one of the most successful Slovenian bands, Matija Solce, a charismatic Slovenian accordionist and Barja Drnovšek, a great violinist and improviser, who devots mostly to classical music. Together they make original songs and music that is full of charm and passion, tenderness and strength.

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