Koncept a provedení / Concept and performance: Nicole Mossoux;
Choreography and direction / Choreografie a režie: Nicole Mossoux & Patrick Bonté;
Sound effects and sound objects / Zvukové efekty a objekty: Mikha Wajnrych

Studio Labyrint | 55 min

Whispers, a clinking of souls, a rumble of recollections and the ancestors who stumble onto the scene. In this performance Nicole Mossoux is in engagement with the world of sound that echoes her haunted movements. In the centre of the stage a silhouette borrowed from one of Vermeer‘s tableaux, tirelessly leaves and returns to the same point in space, bringing along animated silhouettes that seem to emerge from her own body: impetuous ectoplasms or gangly spectres appear suddenly, inopportune, with intentions that are at the very least unclear. The use of live sounds give them a paradoxical consistence when the living character is supplanted by the phantoms she created.

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