Napsali, vytvořili, hrají / Writers, creators, performers: Pierre Yves Guinais, Yoanelle Stratman;

Režisér / Director: Amalia Modica.

Studio Labyrint | 50 min

A little girl‘s life is turned upside down when she is surprised to discover a world which is very different from her own. This world is full of many kinds of words, sounds, writings, and drawings. She only knows a world of silence, so a tsunami of scary but exciting emotions overcomes her. She tries to understand what separates her from this universe, which seems to be ignored by those around her. Nothing in her world can fight the wind. Powerful, whimsical, ever-present, it chases her and always pulls her back home.

The story of this little girl becomes a fairy tale for young and old, inspired by countries which have been silenced by censorship.

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