Režie a námět / Directed and written by: Marion Gardie, Claire Rosolin;
Hudba a zvuk / Sound design: Kristof Hiriart;
Kostýmy / Costumes: Jean-Pierre Pacheco;
Pod laskavým dohledem / Supervision: Flore Audebeau, Olivia Faye, Vincent Nadal;
Výroba loutek / Puppets created by: Marion Bourdil, Marion Gardie, Claire Rosolin

Šapitó | 26 min

Triptease invites you to lose your head in a fantastic freak show.
An obese woman and the strip tease of vital organs conducted by two headless coats will ticle your curiosity. A fierce and ridiculous game where the puppet master‘s bodies mingle with the puppets
It is the envy to discover the world of our „striptyque“ show!
To create a clandestivane cabaret in quirky places.
A word reinvented with a burlesque touch.
Taking the audience into a time capsule fed by strange poetry.
They are imersed into a familiar place which is transformed into a performance site.
To look outside the box.

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