object-theatre & concert on Karel Čapek "Life of a puppy" & Die Chronik der Menschheit"

Author, music, puppets, played by: Matija Solce

Dramaturgy: Ariel Doron in Sara Evelyn Brown

Based on the real experiences of both authors, ´Dog’s life’ follows a dog’s perspective of a puppy Dašenka and her understanding of the human world. Double meanings of a social system, confrontations between the political world of Čapek (1930’s, Czech) and Solce (a postmodern world), bring the neccecary criticism to the gentle story of a dog, opening his first eye and making his first step. Starting with Solce’s favourite character, the Death, which is stepping in the role of mother nature, we experience sensitivity and playfullness as well as heavy political topics as holocoust and nazi propaganda connected in comical way to today’s mass media manipulation. Game of shoes, wool, objects and soundscapes, that are made on stage with help of loop station, change from situation to athmosphere, from character to melody, from performance to concert. Advisible for adults, as well as younger public from 12 years up.

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