Object and puppet theatre with live music.

Idea, director, stage design: Matija Solce
Dramaturgy: Tina Glenvik
Music: Matija Solce, Stefan Hedborg
Performed by: Matija Solce, Stefan Hedborg (alternace Fernando Stern)

45 minutes


Welcome to the wilderness of cold Lapland! Here you will meet a poor moose, who is trying to escape from a hunter and his hound. Here you will have to watch your step to avoid crushing a gnome, who is collecting blackberries for his loved one. Here, where a day lasts for half a year, a long time ago there lived two friends – a hen and an old lady. A simple story about the understanding between animals and humans, and about the cruelty of life that means someone can be born a hen, and another as a hunter.

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