Based on and directed by: Squadra Sua
Scenography: Marjetka
Kürner Kalous
Music: Jan Šikl
Cast: Lukáš Houdek, Robert Janč, Roman Horák

50 minutes


The guest comes to the restaurant, sits on the table, orders a meal the cooks prepare and the waiters bring.  What could be wrong? What unexpected ingredients could go into a complicated story? And who will eventually pay for everything? Theatrical performances in the way of a grotesque marinated in a clown, all well done with regular casting by three actors, who turn as needed from the waiters to the chef and back. One of them even dares to be guest in their own restaurant.

Suadra Sua - Happy Hour Miloš Šálek Cirk UFF 2 (3)Suadra Sua - Happy Hour Miloš Šálek Cirk UFF 2 (5)

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