Režie / Directed by: Buchty a loutky pod vedením Marka Bečky;
Dramaturgie / Dramaturgy: Buchty a loutky pod vedením Kateřiny Schwarzové;
Výprava / Set design: Robert Smolík;
Výroba loutek / Puppets created by: Tereza Magnan a Štěpán Pěnka;
Hudba / Music: Vít Brukner.

Hrají / Cast: Zuzana Bruknerová, Vít Brukner, Radek Beran, Marek Bečka a Lukáš Valiska.

Šapitó | 50 min

Once upon a time there were three brothers whose father had left his inheritance … The eldest son got a mill, the middle one got some money, and the youngest … well, there was nothing left for him but a puss. However, he is not an ordinary cat, he can speak! He can think and arrange things, possibly a princess or … You do not believe … come to explore! A merry fairy tale for all family about the cleverest puss and his always astonished master.

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