Scenario based on Romanian fairytale

Directed by: Kateřina Šobáňová
Artistic supervision: Pavel Štourač
Puppets, costumes: Helena Štouračová, Sara Bocchini
Set design: Helena Štouračová, Martin Janda, Pavel Štourač
Music: Samuel McGehee, Elia Moretti
Light-design: Jan Hugo Hejzlar
Production: ART Prometheus´
Cast: Kateřina Šobáňová, Martin Janda, Samuel McGehee / Elia Moretti.

40 minutes


A musical puppet tale inspired by the Romanian fairytales. The trio‘s mouth, six eyes, thirty fingers, and one beard will tell you a story that was conceived at dusk and born at dawn in the countryside of dark forests and steep mountains where people and animals live together and speak the same language.

Divadlo Continuo - Murgila a Zorila3Divadlo Continuo - Murgila a Zorila1

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