Director and author: Miha Golob
As part of the project Small Size: Wide Eyes
Dramaturgy: Mojca Redjko
Visual Design: Miha Golob
Cast: Miha Arh and Gašper Malnar
Set Design: Larisa Kazić
Music: Miha Arh
Lighting Design: Kristjan Vidner
Stage Manager and Sound Designer: Alojz Sedovnik
Lights: Niko Štabuc
Set Technician: Slobodan Ilić
Set Elements Production: Larisa Kazić, ABC Ribe – Fishbox, Acrytech, Uroš Mehle, Zoran Srdić, Sandra Birjukov, Polona Černe
In cooperation with project: Science on Road (SATENA)
Scientific Assistance and Preparation of Experiments:  dr. Kristina Žagar Soderžnik
Special Thanks: Klara Paulina Golob, Dragica Haramiji, Peter Kus, Darja Potočan

45 minutes


The performance’s main element will be a bath tub. A transparent one. It will remind us of an aquarium. An aquarium as a children’s playground for somewhat older children. An aquarium as a space for a theatre performance. An aquarium as a television. And, a bath tub is actually one of child’s first playgrounds. A playground as a space for playing, learning and creating. And a space of child’s first theatre experiences. A bath tub is like a sandpit, only that there’s water in it instead of the sand. An empty bath tub is like an empty sheet of paper, waiting for us to fill it with water and step into it. A bath tub could be like a Pandora’s Box, only that it contains no anger or hatred – just water. Water as a source of life, or a source of knowledge about life, or a spell of life, or a philosophy of life. Like the water cycle. A journey from winter to summer. An universal story about relationships, balance and cooperation.


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