Autor: Šimon Olivětín;
Režie / Directed by: Tomáš Procházka;
Výprava / Set design: Robert Smolík;
Světelný design: Jan Dörner;
Hudba / Music: Jan Burian ml.
Hrají / Cast: Bob Holý, Martina J. Hartmanová, Radka Mašková, Josef Jelínek a Petr Vydarený.

Studio LABYRINT | 45 min

How tempting the world of dinosaurs and giant club mosses is for schoolchildren! And we offer them an opportunity to experience the adventures of a group of children in a production that combines theater with projection and film tricks. It pays tribute to Jules Verne and Karel Zeman (famous Czech film director, holder of many awards, e.g. Price of French Film Critics, Crystal Price of French Film Academy, Price of EXPO 1958).

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