Režie / Directed by: Divadlo b;
Scénář / writing: Tomáš Procházka a Divadlo b;
Výprava a loutky / Set design and puppets: Robert Smolík;
Hudba / Music: René Krupanský.
Hrají / Cast: René Krupanský, Radek Beran.

Šapitó | 40 min

A traditional fairy tale „Little Otik“ makes children feel not overly enthusiastic, but iLittle Otik is different! Are you feeling sad when alone at home? Is your room in awful mess? Does your furniture need rearranging? Well, it is just time you got iLittle Otik – robotic guts for children of this milenium. The fairy tale about greed, disobedience and about something carried too far.

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