Režie / Directed by: Michaela Homolová;
Výprava / Set design: Robert Smolík;
Hudba / Music: Filip Homola.

Hrají / Cast: Miroslava Bělohlávková, Diana Čičmanová, Adam Kubišta, Marek Sýkora.

Hlavní scéna | 45 minut

The title of the production, Down with Sleeping Beauty, suggests that it is not a classic fairy tale. The creators focused on the hundreds of years that Sleeping Beauty had slept through because of a cruel curse. What happened all that time? Did anyone try to wake her up? What are the chances of a human being in a battle with fate? And what can be more fatal than love?
The performance is also dedicated to the upcoming 100th anniversary of the establishment of the independent Czechoslovakia.

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