23rd – 30th June 2017 Hradec Králové

Drak Theatre and the International Institute of Figurative Theatre are internationally respected institutions due to their work for children and young adults. Besides their main activity, which includes about 300 performances per year both locally and globally on international festivals, they are traditional co-organizers of the international festival Theatre European Regions in Hradec Králové.

During eight days of the festival all Drak Theatre’s stages (including the adjoining outdoor spaces as well as the new blackbox studio with the capacity of 80 people) a unique dramaturgical concept is offered for a wide spectre of audience. Morning sessions are suitable for students of all ages (from nursery to secondary schools), whereas evening productions are aimed at adult audiences interested in puppet, alternative or interdisciplinary theatre projects.

GAUDEAMUS THEATRUM has become an integral part of the festival’s programme for the last four years, significantly thus extending the sense of the festival as such. The aim of the international meeting of theatre schools is to create the space for students, teachers and theatre-makers to meet. Each year we invite distinguished theatre schools which perform their show and also enable the insight into their approaches to making theatre via workshops. Our ultimate goal is to fulfil the aim of the International Institute of Figurative Theatre while simultaneously enriching the festival by creating a platform for international discussions, artistic encounters, and cultural exchanges.